Sunday School

The Assumption Sunday Church School program welcomes children as young as two in our Little Lambs (parent & tot) class and offers classes from Pre-K through High School.  The child's Sunday Church School grade should correspond with their day school grade.   To register for Pre-K, your child must have celebrated his/her third birthday on or before September 1st of the school year.


Please click on the following link for this week's Orthodox Faith for Teens.  The message is offered by Fr. Peter Andronache of St. John the Baptist in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.


Assumption Sunday Church School
Mission Statement

The purpose of Orthodox Christian Education is to help build up the Church, the Body of Christ, by nurturing every person in the life of personal communion with the Holy Trinity (theosis), and thus, through this ministry, to bear joyful witness to God's loving and redeeming work in the world.

The Orthodox Christian Education aims at the communication of the content of Christian truth in the context of concrete Christian living: believing, praying, worshipping, learning, applying, growing, sharing, serving and witnessing.

We accomplish these goals by providing age appropriate curriculum and faithful and enthusiastic individuals to teach our students.

Therefore, the mission of our Sunday Church School program is based on an approach which prepares the students with the principles of the Orthodox Faith, encouraging them to grow in God’s service. Our program builds a solid foundation for the children of our community through exemplary lessons in the teaching and the Worship Practices of the Greek Orthodox Christian Faith, using the fundamental tools of:
participating in community worship and private prayer
sharing in the total life of the church
learning how to follow Jesus Christ and His Gospel Message
serving the needs of others in and around the community
fulfilling Christ’s mission in the world

Through these intertwined tools we hope each child has received not only the communication of Christian truth called Orthodoxia, but also a formation of Christian Character by living a lifestyle representative of our Christian Faith called Orthopraxia


Our 2018-2019 Team (see pictures below)

Very Reverend Fr. Timothy Bakakos
Spiritual Guidance

Lynn Reid Voulgarakis
Sunday Church School Director

Little Lambs:   Nina Diehl
  Pre-School /  
Christine Panos, Teacher
Danielle Gonzini, Assistant
Amy Rodriguez, Assistant
1st/2nd Grades:   David Diehl, Teacher
Elena (Maricela) Aguirre, Assistant
  3rd Grade:   Demetra Spyropoulos, Teacher
Katherine Kouvelis, Assistant
4th Grade:   Alayna Vlagos, Teacher
Kristin Callahan, Assistant
  5th Grade:   Desiree Becker, Teacher
Dena Koulouris, Assistant
6th Grade:   Thomas Demos, Teacher   7th/8th Grades:   Tina Sarantos, Teacher
Dean Sarantos, Assistant
9th/10th Grades:    Chris Chulos, Teacher
  11th/12th Grades:    Gerasimos Gilroy, Teacher

Schedule of Classes

Each Sunday begins with worship by participating in the Divine Liturgy, followed by religious education. The Divine Liturgy begins at Children are encouraged to sit in their assigned class pews.

Classes are in session from September 9, 2018 to May 19, 2019.  There will be no Sunday Church School on the following dates:
    December 23, 2018
    December 30, 2018
    April 28, 2019

The Sunday Church School will recognize its students who have achieved Perfect Attendance at the Awards Day.  The only excused absences that are allowed will be when attending another parish. We kindly request children bring a Sunday bulletin from the parish they visited.

For more information, please email

Thank you!


Sunday School Registration Forms

Registration: please go to in order to register your children.

Also, please take a moment to fill out the Parent Volunteer Program Sign-Up (Also available in either MSWord format or AdobePDF format)

Please fill out the forms and return them to the Church office at your earliest opportunity. Completed forms can also be emailed to

2018-19 Sunday Church School Classes

Little Lambs
  Pre School & Kindergarten
1st and 2nd Grades
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade
7th - 8th Grades
9th - 10th Grades
11th - 12th Grades


Assumption Sunday Church School

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Assumption Sunday Church School
2018-2019 Calendar of Events*

September 9 First Day of SCS; Divine Liturgy in St. Catherine's and kick-off event
September 9 First day of SCS classes
December 16 Christmas Pageant
December 23-30 Winter break from classes
January 6 Classes resume; open houses this month
January 12 Dive for the Cross
February 17 Godparents' Sunday
March 16 Lenten Retreat
May 12 Mother's Day program and Graduates' Sunday
May 19 Last day of SCS
May 25 Junior Olympics

*As of 8/1/2018; subject to revision